Well Testing at Pinnacle June 22 8am

Notice to the Town of Sylvester:   Pinnacle Dairy will be conducting a groundwater monitoring event at the Pinnacle Dairy site on Wednesday,  June 22, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. This notice is being provided to the Town of Sylvester as required by the Settlement Agreement dated August 28, 2019 between the Wisconsin Department of Natural  Resources, Pinnacle Dairy, LLC, and the petitioners in the Contested Case proceeding (the Town of Sylvester, Anna  Anderson, Dave Schenk, Lynn Lokken, Karla Albright, Ron Albright, Jodie Zimmerman and Steve Zimmerman) (the Settlement Agreement).    As provided in the Settlement Agreement, Pinnacle Dairy is notifying the Town of Sylvester of its intent to collect groundwater samples at least four (4) calendar days prior to the event.  If the Town wishes to observe Pinnacle Dairy’s monitoring efforts and/or to conduct split sampling, please provide Pinnacle Dairy with written notice via e‐mail within two (2) calendar days of receiving this notice. The written notice must include the names of no more than two (2) individuals who will be observing the monitoring event.  Please send such notice to me at [email protected], as well as to [email protected] and [email protected].    The Settlement Agreement specifies how the petitioner’s observation shall occur.  Note that no observant is to have direct contact with the monitoring wells for any reason and may not install any measuring, purging or sampling equipment in the wells.  Further, if the Town elects to collect split samples, all groundwater sampling and analysis shall be conducted in accordance with the terms of Pinnacle Dairy’s WPDES permit and ch. NR 140 Wis. Admin Code, including conducting analysis for only the parameters identified in and limited to Section 2 of Pinnacle Dairy’s WPDES permit.    While on‐site, the individual(s) must follow all of Pinnacle Dairy’s safety guidelines and visitor requirements. This includes wearing a florescent vest which will be supplied while on the property. Please meet outside of the parlor building to sign‐in before the monitoring events begin. Those individuals observing the groundwater monitoring effort must be accompanied by a Pinnacle Dairy representative at all times while on Pinnacle Dairy property. Further, no photography or video recording is allowed by any individuals while on Pinnacle Dairy property.     Please let me know if you have any questions.   Thank you,   Brian Mooney   Pinnacle Dairy, LLC